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   2014 Annual Report   



Pedestrian Safety at Issue - We have had several concerned motorists, to include officers, that have had close calls with persons who are walking on the roadway at night.  This time of the year, darkness comes sooner and persons who want to walk sometimes are doing so after nightfall.  Pedestrians need to keep in mind that because they can see the oncoming vehicle with the headlights on, doesn't mean that the driver can see you. Unlike a bicyclist, state law dictates that a pedestrian is at fault if they are walking in the roadway and a collision occurs.  Any part of the roadway within the white stripe is considered the road surface.  The safest pedestrian practice at night is to make sure to stay off of the road surface, wear light colored or fluorescent clothing, wear reflective tape and/or carry an LED flashlight.  

Read about new ways that criminals can use an email address - that makes you believe that it is being sent by a legitimate organization, and, ways to make you think you are receiving a phone call from someone that you really aren't.  Go to  CRIME INFO above and then to CRIME PREVENTION  to read the full story.

New "Smart 911" website allows you to keep your information on File with York County 911 - If you wish to provide first responders with information about your home and residence, there is now a way to do that.  York County 911 Center purchased a program for residents who wish to make their residential information available to the 911 dispatcher in case there is a call to your home.  You can advise that you have small children in your home or an elderly resident or a favorite pooch.  This information is accessed by the dispatcher when you can't provide that information.  Simply take five  (5) minutes and go to and follow the prompts to a secure site.  

"Cell Phones for Soldiers" Program - (See recent messages listed below) In the last month, the department has received 35 used cell phones.  They will be provided to the First United Methodist Church in Hanover and sent to the organization.  They will be recycled and then free phone "talk time" will be provided to military personnel.  We continue to accept any used cell phone.  

Crash Reports are now available on-line -  In cooperation with the the Carfax firm, you can now obtain a crash report from our department by simply going on-line to ""  There is a fee associated with the request but the time to obtain a report is much faster than the wait via a mail service.  Please know that there is a delay of approximately 7-10 days from the time of the incident, for the report to be written, approved and processed, until it will be available.    


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A Word from the Chief

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The overall philosophy of the Southwestern Regional Police Department is to provide the most professional police services possible in a fiscally responsible manner. We will achieve this by being innovative and progressive in our approach to solving problems. All employees will be tasked with this responsibility and be given the authority and the tools to accomplish these tasks.

We will not forget that the input of the residents' concerns and desires will guide this department. Being open to new ideas, being responsive to those ideas, and always looking to improve, is ultimately important. By working with residents, business owners, and all others involved in the criminal justice process, our goals are to reduce crime, disorder and to provide a safe community in which to live, work, and play.

“Continuous Improvement is What We Do.”


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